Tripboard open to arrange walking buddies

As noted elsewhere, our daytime parade in the Netherlands is somewhere between 4.3 and 4.8 miles long.  I’d prefer not to leave half the band at the 2 mile mark, so it would be a great idea for all of you to get some regular extended walks going so that you’re fit and ready to go.  To help with that, the Tripboard is open so you can match-make with walking buddies in prep for the trip and/or the 2018 marching season.

Welcome to the TBGO Trip Board

Welcome back to our new travel tool!

We first tried this on our San Antonio trip and it worked pretty well.  Since many people now travel with laptops, tablets, and/or smartphones, it makes sense to use an online bulletin board for announcements during a trip instead of sending everyone to the lobby to read an easel.  Check back regularly throughout the trip to stay up to date on where to be, when to be there, etc.