Wanna join the drum line?

If you’ve always hankered to join the drum line, here’s your big chance. Turns out that as expected we don’t have a bass drummer for tomorrow’s gigs, especially for the parade. We do however have the small bass drum and harness. If you’d like to be part of the drum line and keep time for this parade, let me know and maybe we’ll try you out!

Saturday morning Reminders

Breakfast is available beginning at 7 AM.

The coach departs at 8:50 AM; please be out front ready to start boarding by around 8:35.

Have everything you need with you for both the Run and the parade . We won’t be going back to the hotel between gigs.

Southern Oregon Trip

Check in here periodically for any mid-trip changes or announcements for the Southern Oregon Tour.  The most important changes from the last couple of days:

  • On Friday, departure from Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church is at 7:00 AM.
  • On Friday, we go directly from Gervais to Florence with no intervening rest stop.
  • On Saturday, departure from hotel is at 8:50 AM (not 9:00 as listed in travel packet).
  • Saturday meeting time for self-drivers for the Prefontaine Run is now 9 AM (was previously 9:10).
  • Performance times and locations for Prefontaine Run have been slightly adjusted as shown on the Event Information page.
  • Because of tight timing, we decided it was simpler to provide lunch for everyone in the parade staging area before the parade begins.

Uniform:  We are CONFIRMING that the uniform for the trip is the INFORMAL uniform:  TBGO uniform shirt, TBGO cap, black shorts/belt, white shoes/socks.  For the Prefontaine Run on Saturday morning, you may add the lightweight black TBGO jacket; however, we are NOT wearing jackets in the parade (or for the Florence standstill on Friday).  If you think you’ll be chilly, you can add a black turtleneck beneath the uniform shirt for any performance on the trip.  Uniform information for each event is available on the Event Information page.

Welcome to the TBGO Trip Board

Welcome back to our new travel tool!

We first tried this on our San Antonio trip and it worked pretty well.  Since many people now travel with laptops, tablets, and/or smartphones, it makes sense to use an online bulletin board for announcements during a trip instead of sending everyone to the lobby to read an easel.  Check back regularly throughout the trip to stay up to date on where to be, when to be there, etc.