Carpools for Astoria

Here’s the place to seek or offer carpool rides to the Astoria Grand Land Parade on August 10, 2019.

Use the comment section to offer or seek a ride.  Be sure to include contact info if you’re not already in the TBGO roster.

To avoid random spam, Steve has to approve comments before they get posted, so be patient if it takes a little while for your comment to show up on the site.

Author: Steve Tolopka

President and Music Director of The Beat Goes On Marching Band

9 thoughts on “Carpools for Astoria”

  1. I would love to carpool to Astoria. Am willing to drive or be driven. Since I am coming from Newberg, would like to meet in area of Tigard, Sunset TC, or Beaverton/Hillsboro.

    I need to be back in Newberg by 6pm.//Sue Lamb (503)319-0807.

    1. I am driving with one other twirler from SW Portland (Multnomah Village) if you still want a ride let me know and we can figure a spot to meet.

      1. Patti,
        That sounds good. Will you be coming back in the afternoon?
        Give me a time and place to meet.

        Text me at: 503-319-0807.

      2. Patti,
        This is Sue. Ignore my first comment. I am going to give Jim a ride.
        Maybe you could give the bari sax player a ride? See other note.

  2. I live at SE 103rd and Holgate Blvd. My car is old and tags are due. I would love to ride with someone and contribute something toward gas. I’m pretty self contained but have Bari sax in the case. The case would of course stay in the car during the parade. I’m pretty flexible and would meet someone else’s schedule and trip plans.
    Best contact is call or text. 503-421-6567.

    1. Karen- did you find a ride yet? I am on the west side (Multnomah Village) but if you would drive here, we will leave my house at 8:30 am . There is room from you and your sax. Let me know please.

  3. I could drive a rider from NW central or SW to Astoria and back.

    Mark Lindau

    Best contact is call or text. 503-330-0849.

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